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How to Pick Stocks for Investing for New Traders

If you are a new trader in share market trading, choosing stocks is the most crucial decision you have to make. With many options available from different sectors and in various price ranges, it is simple for new traders to feel overwhelmed and get confused. Also, you will make a good choice for stock selection with proper analysis.

If you spend time reading and studying stocks that you have shortlisted, you will get a better knowledge of which is more suitable and caters to your needs. Delhi Trading Academy provides a definitive guide on how to choose good stocks.

Here, let us discuss how to pick stocks for new traders:

Purchase stocks only if you know the company
The greatest trader of all time, Warren Buffett, says, you should not invest in a company where you don’t understand anything. Investing based on fear and hype of missing out is among the best options for traders to lose cash.A better stock knowledge will aid you in making good choices about holding, buying, or selling your stocks at any time. Also, you should invest in companies you know only after performing analysis and research.

Stock Diversification
It is the best tactic for stock traders in the industry. Whether you are an experienced trader or you are a beginner trader, diversification is among the best methods to mitigate losses. Also, diversification helps to spread the capital in various stocks across different industries. The best is to eliminate investing all your capital amount in a few or one stocks. Diversification helps to improve risk management as it squares the losses that you incur in a few stocks with the profits you make in others. It aids in your odds of success, but it also aids in mitigating and managing your risks.

Keep Your Eyes Open
It is best to keep up with market opinions and trends. When you read the financial news and keep reading blogs by writers whose views interest you is a form of passive analysis. A blog post will help you form the foundation of an investment thesis. Learning from a stock market course in Gurgaon will help you keep updated with all the news related to stock market trading.The underlying argument is a common-sense observation skill. For instance, you may note that emerging markets nations produce a new middle class made up of individuals who demand a huge range of consumer goods. Due to this, there is a surge in demand for specific commodities and products.

Consider whether a company has a competitive benefit
If you consider a complete bunch of stocks and their competitors, it is best to make a list. The best thing to look for in a company is a competitive benefit or what Waren Buffett calls a moat.The main key to investing is not assessing how much a market may grow or impact society, but rather considering the competitive benefit of any given company and the durability of that benefit, as Buffet said in 1999. The services or products that have sustainable and wide moats around them are the ones that cater rewards to traders.

Consider a fair cost for the stock
Once you make the list of stocks you are planning to buy with a strong competitive advantage, it is best to search at stock prices. There are many ways to check the current price of a stock and whether or not it presents any value. Here are some of them:

PS Ratio
 The PS ratio is helpful for growth stocks that produce unstable earnings. Historical averages may be a good source, but make sure to check for future expectations. All sales are not created equal. The organization may introduce a new service or product that produces different profits than the main business but accounts for the majority of its growth revenue. Due to this, traders should adjust their expectations for how the stock must price relative to future sales.

Dividend Yield
Dividend yield is another aspect you should determine. If the dividend yield is above the stock average, it shows that it’s trading at a good cost. Also, ensure that you don’t fall into any yield trap. At times, dividends are unsustainable, so make sure to check how safe the dividend is based on the payout ratio of a company as a percentage of free cash flow and earnings. Make sure to check the cash flow and earnings are growing and sustainable for that company. You might even create your dividend discount model by projecting dividend growth for the upcoming years.

Price-to-earnings ratio:
This ratio takes a share price and divides it by the earnings of each share over the previous year. Traders may find stock trading for a good price when their PE ratio falls below the historic average price. This ratio is used by established companies in the stock market that generate steady growth and profit margins. There is a good reason for a stock to trade at a higher Price to earnings ratio. Traders must pay more per dollar of profits if earnings growth is expected to grow in the coming years. Stock prices are considered by future expectations. Previous data is used as a rough guide.

Discounted cash flow modeling
If you wish to dig into the financials of a company and start making projections for profit margin, revenue growth, and other expenses for the upcoming years, then use operating expenses and projections for revenue to create a model for future earnings.

Watch out for value traps
Value stock means a stock at a low price compared to the fundamentals of a company. New traders concentrate on cash flow, price-earnings, price book, and price-sales ratio. They might also make decisions based on how low they appear as compared to other companies in the same field. Also, there is a probability that the company might look undervalued because of its performance. One should look for competitive advantage, company management effectiveness, and potential catalysts to eliminate value traps.

Manage your funds
There is no doubt that the share market is volatile. While investing your money, make sure that you have enough funds apart from your investment funds. You might have to keep the funds invested for the long run. It is necessary to prioritize your fund allotment.

Tune in to Corporate Presentations
Once you know that the company that interests you is a solid investment, it is time to look for investor presentations. They offer a general overview of how firms make their money. Browsing the website of a company and presentations will aid you refine your research. You will get to know the expected direction of the company based on this information. The process includes a more in-depth examination of a specific organization to check whether it will outperform its competitors in the industry.

Consider your financial goals
Investing is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Young traders wish to increase their portfolios. Older traders wish to preserve their capital as they approach retirement age and plan to live off their holdings. Also, financial goals help to choose companies to invest in.

Wrapping Up

Delhi Trading Academy is the best stock market trading institute in Gurgaon. If you are planning to join a stock market course then Delhi Trading Academy is the best place for you. It is a one-stop solution for all your needs as you will learn everything related to stock market trading. Call Delhi Trading Academy right away for more details!


When you plan to pick stocks, it is tough as the market tends to be efficient for a longer time. The EMH or efficient market hypothesis states that stock market prices give all details so there is no way to earn excess profits.
Two kinds of stock include preferred and common stocks. Preferred shareholders only have no voting rights or limited ones. They get huge payouts. They also have a greater claim on company assets during liquidation. Common stockholders might get dividends and vote in the shareholder meetings.
Stock market analysis offers investment advice on mutual funds, stocks, and other securities. Making trading decisions depending on factual news may aid investors in eliminating losses.
Stock picking, also called active investment management, tends to underperform a passive strategy that keeps a record of the broader stock market indexes. The study demonstrates that more than 90 percent of stock pickers underperform for a 15-year duration.

If the market is at a peak or high, then you should observe and study stocks. If the investors are ready to invest and find good stocks, then eliminate lump sum investment. It may decrease the chances of purchasing stocks at a high cost.

The small-cap market grows fast compared to blue-chip companies. There are many hidden gems in the small-cap market that are yet to be explored. Large-cap companies have already proved their reputation in the market.

The stock quality plays a crucial role than the company size. There are many large-cap companies that are constantly providing good returns to the shareholders. Investing in small caps is no doubt more profitable than large caps only if the future clients and fundamentals of the business look promising.

One may find all the details about the company that includes price to earnings ratio, financial records, dividend history, company size, revenue growth and more on the verified websites of reliable stock exchanges BSE and NSE. You may find the details on the website of the company.

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